84% More Delicious Butter

Is there something wrong with us? Every time we’re faced with a choice of light, fat-free, or regular, we always reach for the highest fat content possible. Whole-milk lattes, a splash of table cream in our coffee…  there’s only whole milk in the fridge at home. So when the news of a higher-fat, European-style butter reached our ears, we couldn’t help but listen.

I had heard rumblings of a decadent butter over on Twitter, and then heard a program on Toronto’s CBC radio 1 on how boring Ontario’s butter is. Nadege Nourian spoke on how a tiny increase in butter fat can make a world of difference in a recipe. She owns Nadege the bakery, or I guess, you could authentically call it a pâtisserie. I have the good luck to frequently work near it, and treat myself to their heartbreakingly delicious almond croissants more than I’d like to admit.

Ontario butter is leaner than the butter a pastry chef would be used to working with in Europe, or even the United States. Listening to the show and hearing that people are bringing it in from the States or even ordering from New Zealand is so heart-breaking, especially after driving past countless dairies in Hastings County in Ontario two days ago.

I knew I had to make the short detour to Stirling and pick up some of this butter (you can find it in specialty grocers all over Ontario.) We’ve only had it one day, but the flavour is much better than the butter we’re used to.

Most of all, we’re ready to take our baking to the next level. Have you baked anything with a higher fat butter before?


  • I am a sucker for all things whole fat. So much better for us- what with all of that Vit A! I live in the states where we can get all things high fat all the time, but I really like making our butter. Have you tried that? I think you'd enjoy the results (especially since you could utilize nearby dairies).

  • I've always done full fat, it feels better in our bellies and tastes so much better too. I usually don't go for seconds either, since I'm satisfied. I'll have to look around to see if I can find this here and give it a try.

  • I was lucky enough to live in France for a year and yes, I know exactly what you mean about the deliciousness of high-fat butter. I'll have to look out for Stirling's butter around here. Do they sell it in and around Dundas?

  • I just heard that they sell Stirling at the Hamilton Farmers Market. Definitely worth checking out!

  • I've seen Stirling at Goodness Me too:) I wish I'd have known about the higher fat version before making my daughter's birthday cake today…I think it would have been so.much.better.

  • You should pop into the shops in Dundas, one of them, between the cheese, meat, Picone's and Horn of Plenty should carry it.

  • We bought ours at Stirling's creamery in Stirling, Ontario. We bought about half a box of their “seconds”, which means the bricks didn't fill uniformly. The machine puts the right amount of butter in, but because it's not a perfect brick, they can't slide the fancy label on. So we got the same thing, but much cheaper.

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