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Whenever I take the time to pick out some paper, tune up my printer, go through all the image adjustments, test prints, and finally make a print of one of my photographs, it’s eye opening. It’s almost like the photo never fully existed until it was printed. It’s as if that digital file is only a blueprint.

So it’s great to see a publication that we’ve contributed to make that same leap. We’ve been featured in Pure Green Magazine a few times, but this one is special. It’s volume one of the new print edition.

Our feature in this issue is all about our adventures in cider pressing. The research, picking up equipment, sourcing apples, and pressing took up a lot of time in the fall, but it made for a great story we wanted to share in the magazine’s first print edition.

Celine, the editor, had mailed me a copy, but it was taking a while. So I decided to drive downtown Hamilton to visit a friend, Dave, who owns Mixed Media, a great little art supply, stationery, and creative book shop on James St. North in Hamilton. He had a fresh stack of the magazines out and I nervously took a first glance. I was quite impressed.

Great paper, great design, and great company was found inside. In fact, another friend, Paul Riss and his wife Rachel have their enviable Orono, Ontario home featured in the article before ours.

Pure Green Magazine is definitely worth a read, and, in fact, if you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, what’s better than a subscription to a good, local, well designed magazine?

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