Our Carrots

A mild fall gave us lots of time to work with before we had to pull our root vegetables. In fact, most of our potatoes are still in the ground. We never thought we’d still be gardening in December.

We planted our carrots too early this year. I had worried they would get too big and “woody”, and while yes, there were some as big as my forearm, the majority of them were pretty nice. We didn’t even have nearly as many wacky-shaped oddities as I had expected (and a little bit hoped for).

I’ve heard that supermarket carrots grow pin-straight based on the soil. Choosing the least-resistant option gives the straightest result, so some growers put them in sandy soils. I don’t know much about soil, but I know that sand itself has no real nutritional value. And any nutrition that hits it is probably artificial and runs down through it quite easily.

These carrots, on the other hand, are the most delicious carrots I’ve ever eaten. Maybe they just taste better because we grew them, but I’m pretty sure they’d beat any supermarket competition in a taste test. And they look better too.

If you follow our blog, you may have heard us talk about wanting to build a real, hillside root cellar. Well, you may have noticed we didn’t ┬ábuild one, so we’re going to have to store these another way.

Carrots like being stored at temperatures just above freezing with lots of humidity. And that perfect environment is found just under the earth’s surface. I might find myself digging a hole in the yard in the next few days, filling it with carrots and sand and topping it off with a wooden lid and straw.

If you’ve stored carrots successfully in a creative way, let me know. I’ll keep you posted on what we end up doing.


  • i was just doing some reading on straw bale cold frames…you could probably improvise and turn them into root cellars by digging a bit deeper, sinking a container in on an angle and insulating with earth and straw.

  • I'm sorry I don't have a good way to store carrots to suggest. But I did want to say that I'd probably be hopeful for weird looking carrots too! There is so much anticipation from when you plant to when you harvest, and I'm sure my mind would start to imagine what I'd find. Your carrots were beautiful, though. Just beautiful.

  • Long time gardeners, my dear parents, have tried various storage options for carrots – in sand, wrapped in newspaper, etc. mostly these things have worked just fine! I'm vicariously gardening though other people, as all I have in London is a windowsill..

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