Bread Failure

I was organizing my photos the other day and came across these. I had quite possibly been a little too inspired by the Bread Baker’s Apprentice – a book I first heard about on our visit to Spirit Tree Estate Cidery. A few people we’ve talked to consider it the bible of artisanal bread-baking.

So I tried two kinds, first a couple of classic Italian loaves, and then a Challah, since we had just recieved the first batch of eggs from my mom’s chickens.

The photos are deceptive. The Italian loaves were supposed to be the same size as the challah, but they gave up on their final rise. So instead, they’re simply Italian door-stops. And the annoying part is that the Italian loaves were started the day before, and the challah was relatively simple. The book is full of breads that are fermented overnight, so it’s a little bit of a time management exercise.

But hey, we’ll keep trying. Next up, no-knead bread!


  • i too posted a bread fail this month–and it was the no-knead bread. i know where i went wrong, at least, so i'm sure you won't meet the same failure i did. the long fermentation bread, which it is too, also didn't really rise properly the second time. oh baking…

  • I love the cinnamon rolls out of Bread Baker's Apprentice…. make them every year for Christmas breakfast!

    I also love, love, love the no-knead recipe from Mother Earth News~ comes out beautifully every time and makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing! (which I most definitely do not) I've made it with 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 unbleached flour and with 1/3 whole wheat and 2/3 unbleached~ both delicious!

    *found you through simple measures, enjoying pittering around on your blog 😉

  • mmmmmm……

    there's some on my counter getting ready to bake tomorrow morning
    (it makes excellent french toast, by the way)


  • We made our first loaf last night/today. We used whole wheat, which was pretty dense. We're going to try half whole wheat next.

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