Field Trip: Cake & Loaf

Josie and Nickey of Hamilton, Ontario’s Cake and Loaf are the people that introduced us to the idea of a CSB. CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, where you subscribe and receive weekly fruit and vegetable boxes is fairly well known, but take that same concept and apply it to a weekly box filled with loaves of fresh bread, muffins, buns, treats and whatever else you sign up for, and you have a Community Supported Bakery.

These girls are the real deal, they bake everything from scratch and have a focus on local, organic and fair trade ingredients. They’re proud of what goes into their creations–whole grains, organic flours, real butter, organic free range eggs and only fresh fruits and vegetables. Their eggs come from La Primavery Farms in Dundas, their flour from Oak Manor Farms in Tavistock and their milk is delivered from Hewitt’s Dairy.

They have options beyond just baked good for their shares. They make preserves and sauces from market fruits and vegetables, and foraged or backyard-grown berries and fruit. None of their preserves contain added sugar or pectin and their roasted tomato ketchup sounds pretty amazing. They also stock very delicious Detour coffee.

We sampled delicious goodies all morning, and left with a huge paper bag filled with delicious, buns, bread, muffins, cupcakes, truffles, brownies, and even biscotti. You should definitely check out their site and see if one of their packages works for you. They cater to different diets as well, whether it’s gluten-free or vegan. The cost isn’t the same as if you were to pick up some Wonder bread and a few muffins at the grocery store, but just think of the ingredients that go into their baking, and you’re not only supporting Cake and Loaf, you’re supporting a beautifully local supply chain.

Josie and Nickey have been hitting some bumps on their way to open their storefront bakery so they’re throwing what they call a Cake and Dough. It’s essentially a bake sale to introduce people to their services and food as well as support a great cause. It’ll be held on March 19th at Fenian Films on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario. Half of the funds will be put towards opening their storefront, while the other half will be donated to the Juravinski Centre. If you are interested, contact them for more details.

If you need a sample, Hero Mobile Cafe carries their vegan products at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, and they’ll be sharing a stall with them at the Ottawa Street Farmers Market this summer. Or drop them a note about their Cake and Dough, and help them open a responsible and locally focused business.

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  • Hi there….found your blog via a Google search for Fenwood's phone number. We love your blog and your beautiful photos…thanks for the fab Hamilton and area coverage too, well deserved as we live in such a misunderstood gem!

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