California Colour

I’m in Los Angeles right now for work, (hard life, I know) and I managed to have a few hours free yesterday morning so I made a point of visiting the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. It was a short walk from my hotel along main street, in a parking lot behind a massive line of valet-parked bicycles.

I’ve been dying for fresh citrus after seeing tree after tree loaded with oranges or lemons. It’s been giving me pretty bad climate envy, as I know there’s weather that would instantly kill these trees back in Canada.

I’m not sure what it is about the colour that brightens your day, but even the root vegetables–carrots, potatoes–were colourful. When we plant our garden this year, we’re going to plant a variety of colours to, if anything, brighten the cold winter day we pull a few out of storage to eat.

Today I’m driving up the coast in a rental car. I have the morning free, so it’ll be nice to see some agriculture. I hope the fact that it’s a holiday and most roadside markets will be closed doesn’t push me to theft. I know it’s going to be tempting to pull the car over on a quiet road and help myself.

I might just have a fruit overload this week, but I think it’s ok since we don’t eat very much during the winter. I just wish I could bring some home with me.

I didn’t bring my camera with me on the trip, so I took all the photographs with my phone. Not up to the usual level, but the colours came through nicely.


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