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If you missed it, I was on McMaster University radio, CFMU 93.3 recently talking about our blog on a show called The Grapevine. Hosted by two young ladies, Grace and Alex, it highlights local food initiatives in the Hamilton area. Grace also has her own blog to complement it.

My show was recorded on December 7, and just made it on air this past Friday. I was terribly worried, since I had a nasty cold and was totally overdosed on decongestant. A few of my facts were pulled out of a pseudoephedrine fog, but other than that it turned out all right.

If you want to listen to the show, I hacked the matrix and you can download the mp3 of the show here and listen to it anytime.

Or you can stream it from their website. First, hit the stop button at the top of the window to stop the live feed. Then, click on “programming,” and look for “The Grapevine” in tiny letters under “Friday.” I’m on the 14.01.2011 show.

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